Для педагогів

State Research and Production Enterprise "Kartographia" invites respected teachers to cooperate! We provide you with useful information on new editions of school, and to develop plans for courses of geography and history. You get the opportunity to co-sponsor in the creation of educational materials. We offer to purchase products from our publishers with discounts up to 20%


SSPE “Kartographia” fulfills orders for the production of a variety of map products - from globes to digital and e-cards:

  • production of maps, atlases, relief maps, atlases and city plans, etc.;
  • production of thematic maps and atlases for individual orders;
  • production of wall maps and atlases for classrooms and offices, with the company logo and information of the customer;
  • production of globes;
  • creation of geographic information systems (GIS);
  • creation of maps for navigation purposes;
  • Create interactive maps;
  • provision of e-cards for posting on the web-sites, to create a search-and information systems, manufacturing of CD-ROM with cartographic reference systems to order;
  • providing electronic files to create maps of various products - guides, books and diaries, promotional products, financial reporting and advertising companies;
  • standardization of geographical names and expertise.
  • provision of advertising space on the maps and atlases;
  • lamination and registration cards in the frame;