Для педагогів

State Research and Production Enterprise "Kartographia" invites respected teachers to cooperate! We provide you with useful information on new editions of school, and to develop plans for courses of geography and history. You get the opportunity to co-sponsor in the creation of educational materials. We offer to purchase products from our publishers with discounts up to 20%

Electronic cartography

We have created geographic information systems (GIS) – 1:10,000 scale digital maps of all cities and towns in Ukraine, totaling to 1347 settlements.

GIS allows to achieve much more than simply showing your data on the map. In addition to the ordinary means of cartographic capture packages, CIS offers thematic presentation of information by relating table data to addresses and streets. It also enables analysis of geographical locations which incorporates additional information regarding the objects located in a particular place. This technology combines graphic display instruments and work with electronic tables and databases into a single whole.
By using electronic cartography in your business you may optimize management, planning and control processes to gain substantial market advantage.
Download trial versions of digital maps of cities: